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Torqeedo dealer and installer Midlothian Virginia

torqeedo dealer virginia

Torqeedo Electric Outboard Motors
(Leading edge technology and efficiency) see videos and specifications at www.torqeedo.com

torqeedo cruiser dealer

Authorized Torqeedo Motor Dealer and installer for all configurations needed for any pontoon or electric powered boats Cruise 4.0R 48V;8+HP (either tiller or remote steering) Ideal for pontoon boats 22 feet or more Cruise 2.0R 24V;4+HP. Ideal for pontoon boats less than 22 feet Travel 503 or 1003 Motors; These are easily portable, lithium battery self-contained motors that can do anything a 1.5 or 3.0 HP gas motor can do–without polution! Perfect for dingys, sailboats, or recreational/fishing boats. Ideal for electic-only restricted lakes.Ultralight kayak models with remote steering We can provide Lithium, AGM, or lead-acid batteries We install CMC or Panther Tilt-and Trim units for appropriate applications

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