Tea Time with Ryan


Meet Ryan the Development Guru at Red Orange. Ryan initially?consulted?with Red Orange on projects at the beginning of 2014 and joined the Red Orange family as the resident Web Developer in May 2014. We have affectionately named him ?Oz?, because he truly makes things happen from behind the curtain. Having a Developer on site that can work with clients and speak to issues in laymen?s terms who is also available to address immediate issues is an added bonus.

One of the services Red Orange offers to clients is our ?Wordpress Maintenance Package’. This package includes updating their ?Wordpress site, plug-ins and themes on a quarterly basis. Also performing security checkpoints to review files, check for malware, conduct back-ups and test the functionality of operating systems and browsers. During the course of a recent maintenance update, Ryan was able to address a security breach on the site of one our clients. Our client?s site had been hacked, a dummy theme and user was installed and being used as a relay to send emails for phishing (online identity theft). Fortunately it was detected and a bigger problem averted, but the hackers had a backdoor and full access to the site. We were able to alert our client, eliminate the issue and have them back up and running without issue thanks to Ryan?s great work. WordPress Maintenance is one of the many services we provide to ensure the integrity and security of our client?s WordPress sites.

Tea Time is a daily occurrence at the office with Ryan.

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