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Services |Towing Pontoon Boat | Trailering Pulling boats |


  • Motor installation, repair, and replacement
  • Electrical system: repair, replacement or modification
  • Battery replacement
  • Accessory installation: depth finders, Radios, Speakers, Lights, Horns, Ladders, Controls, and furniture
  • Trailering: Pulling boats from lakes for relocation or do-it-yourself maintenance or storage


  • Entire boat (above and below the water-line) including power-washing, wet-vacuuming, and vinyl cleaning/restoration/preservation
  • Or top only, down to the water-line


*Towing or ferrying to locations on your lake
*Appraisals for sale or prospective purchase of used boats
*Electrical and motor recommendations/design to optimize performance of a boat you already own or are considering buying