Intern to Jr. Designer, now off to Grad School

Jolinda, Venus and Greg chatting about a graphic design project

Our Intern, turned Junior Designer, Greg Schmidt has been a major part of the team at Red Orange for about a year. Not long after moving to Richmond, he took the initiative to request to be a part of our Internship program (at a time when we weren?t even taking on interns) and was quickly recognized for his work ethic, ability to manage tasks and the creative juice he brings to the table. Pretty quickly, Greg was extended the opportunity to become our Jr. Designer/Production Artist and is an essential member of Red Orange Design. Recently Greg applied and was accepted into the Masters Program at VCU in Design, where less than 7 students were accepted out of 75 applicants. We are so proud of Greg! He brings a dynamic to our team that will truly be missed. Venus?recently sat down with Greg to explore life in the design world and his time at Red Orange. One of the things we enjoy most about Greg is his witty disposition?.so we had to have some fun with the questioning just to get the ?Greg? response/take on things.

How did you get into graphic design?

My family was the inspiration to become a Graphic Designer, specifically my brother who is a talented designer. He gave me the key that allowed me to unlock the door and design has been my obsession ever since.

What made you choose VCUarts for?Grad School?

The small program size was a draw for me at VCU, along with the ideology behind the method of teaching. I?m looking forward to the opportunity to develop communication skills in a collaborative environment with some seriously talented designers. I?m originally from Florida, but I really dig RVA.

What do you like most about Red Orange Design?

I love the people I work with. (I have to agree?we are pretty awesome!) I like the relaxed and professional work environment, but really enjoy the opportunity to be continually challenged and work on a variety of projects. One of the greatest things I?ve learned is the art of carrying and being carried.


Fun facts about Greg

Although he is from Florida, when questioned by his office mate if he liked the beach or the mountains best, his choice is mountains. Good thing Virginia has both for him to enjoy. Greg?s favorite Disney song is ?Give a Little Whistle? by Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket (always let your conscience be your guide). If he could transform into any animal it would be a bird of prey because they have keen eyesight, the freedom of flight and a good aerial perspective.

If there is an infographic to explain office dynamics, character flaws, team personalities or equipment failure, Greg probably had a hand in designing it.

We are so excited for Greg. Join us in thanking him for his hard work and dedication over the last few months at Red Orange Design and congratulating him on this great accomplishment of acceptance into the VCU Graphic Design Masters Program. We wish him well as he embarks upon the next phase of life.


the definition of carried - to be told off or insulted

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