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Melinda Foster, owner. Sugar Fix Bakery logo design.

When Melinda Foster?started her home based business, she had no idea of how rapidly the demand would grow for her colorful cookies. Due to the success of her sweets, she decided it was time to move operations from her home to a storefront. Melinda chose a quaint and cozy location to fit her business tucked away in Ashland, Virginia. Melinda had the steady business, but really wanted a fabulous logo to leverage her brand and product. The decision to seek creative insight and guidance led to a business relationship that has developed into much more than rebranding.

Below is the original logo for Sugar Fix:

previous logo used by Sugar Fix

previous logo used by Sugar Fix

Our client?thought it could use an update and wanted to give it the Red Orange spin.?Our Senior Designer Jolinda was happy to be leading the task of rebranding this savory business. To kick-off the process, Jolinda visited the store, where she became familiar with the area and enjoyed experiencing the small town vibe of Ashland whose tagline is the ?Center of the Universe?.

Her time with Melinda allowed her to creatively envision ways to bring the Sugar Fix branding to another level, but it was hearing the emotion filled story that drives Melinda?s business that really touched her the most. Melinda shared how she was not just running a business for the sake of a lucrative venture. Her passion and desire have a deeper purpose, one that pertains to her family. It was during that conversation with Melinda where Jolinda recognized she had a big heart to match her big family. Melinda has six kids and one who is truly unique in her own way. Her youngest daughter has special needs, but Melinda describes it not as a tribulation, but a blessing. She shared how this little girl brought her family even closer and made them realize how important the concept of family and caring for one another really is. When she pictured Sugar Fix, she didn?t imagine a thriving sweet spot, but a place her daughter could work and be given an opportunity everyone should be offered. Sugar Fix is not just a business to its Owner, but a way she can create a legacy and continue to bless her family. This story is why this project has such a special meaning to us and why we?really wanted to make something special for her.

In the initial creative discussion Melinda shared how she really wanted a ?chalkboard? element incorporated in the logo, because every day she wrote the specials and names of cookies on a chalkboard in her shop. High on her list of hopes was also having the product in the logo and capturing the vintage look she loved.

Jolinda took notes, went back to the studio to sketch out ideas, research fonts and work with placement and graphics to bring her thoughts to life. After pulling together the sketches, she digitized several of the concepts she believed really represented the idea and feeling behind this brand for Melinda to review.



The break down:

  • the shape of the logo depicts the shape of the cookies made at Sugar Fix
  • the background has some texture to it, to give the logo depth and mimic the chalk board feel that Melinda wanted
  • the round and cursive type face font almost looks as if it is icing on the cookie, giving off a friendly and light vibe to those who see it
  • graphics chosen were utensils used in a bakery to make the cookies, giving a visual of the work that goes into these delicious treats
  • the colors chosen were a combination of a playful pink, to appear as icing, and a tan or beige to signify the cookie




Jolinda, being the perfectionist she is, presented many layout options for the new branding. The font selection was the one element the client wanted to get right?so she?took it a step further to create a font truly tailored to this logo by custom editing each letter and spacing, along with adding loops and effects until we arrived at one Melinda loved. The finished product turned out just like a Sugar Fix cookie, colorful, unique, and created with love.

finished product

final draft of logo


Sugar Fix Bakery Ribbon Cutting

Our logo design has been incorporated into lots of signage and fun props throughout the store.


A box of delectable custom cookies from Sugar Fix

a box of delectable custom cookies from Sugar Fix

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